Ba Gua Zhang Hsing I Chuan
Pentjak Silat Sera Serak®
Tai Chi Chuan Chi Gung ( Nei Gung )
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Internal Martial Arts

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Classes in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, North Bay

Energy in Motion's training regime includes three aspects,
Martial Arts Skills - Meditation - Health & Healing.

Energy in Motion's curriculum is split between Martial Skills and Health &
Healing. The Martial Skills section contains considerable health and
healing aspects, while the Health and Healing courses present some martial
components. Meditation and a strong emphasis on Energy Cultivation is a
part of both curriculums.

Students are then able to emphasize in there personal training which area(s)
they wish to focus on. However some knowledge in each of the three
areas is essential for maximum understanding, development, and balance.

It should be noted that all the systems being instructed are Chi Gung (Nei Gung)
systems, which promote and develop the power and internal components
required for Martial Arts Combatives, Health and Healing, and Taoist Meditation

The Martial Skills Systems

Ba Gua Zhang translates roughly as eight changing palms, or eight energy
palms and is characterized by its totally circular movements, sophisticated
footwork, and rapid changes of direction and is highly aerobic. It's
mindset is empty and concerned only with the event of the moment.

Hsing I Chuan translates roughly as Mind Form Boxing and is very direct and
hard hitting. The movements are practiced in exactly the way they are used.
Its mindset is “My Will is Done”, and is the most Yang of the Chinese
Internal systems..

Pentjak Silat Sera Serak translates roughly as choreographed fighting with
Sera Serak being the specific lineage of Indonesian Silat and the common
name of the founder of the system. This is a weapons system (sticks,
knives, and swords) which can be practiced empty hand. It is characterized
by its tight postures and close infighting style, utilizing physics
principles of base, angles, and levers.

Combat Push Hands - I Liq Chuan translates as mind body fist and is based on
Tai Chi principles, and Zen. Outwardly a simple appearing system, its
understanding and use of energy mechanics is both subtle and sophisticated.
This is a Chinese family system which is for the first time being taught publicly.

The Health and Healing Systems

Tai Chi Chuan translates roughly as Supreme Ultimate Fist and is
characterized by its slow graceful movements. It's mindset is “I give you
what you want my way” and is the most Yin of the Chinese Internal systems

Chi Gung - Nei Gung translates roughly as “breath or energy” and “training
or power” while Nei Gung means Inner skill or core power. Nei Gung is a
type of chi gung. Both are energy cultivation systems, and all the systems
being instructed are externally fairly simple while having sophisticated
internal mechanics.

Regardless of which category you choose
Internal Martial Arts or Health and Healing,

New students will find themselves gaining quickly in physical strength,
flexibility and balance, and in increased mental clarity and focus. Longer
term study of these arts endows practitioners with the ability to remain
relaxed and centered in all types of situations, while absorbing and
projecting internal power and great external strength. Advanced
practitioners may also develop enhanced energetic and psychic abilities.

Developed in the Far East ( China , Malaysia , and Indonesia ), these arts are
ancient sources of power and wisdom, which until recently have only been
taught in secret. Any and all of these systems develop the secrets of
Internal power - the ability to store, manipulate, and project energy.
Without these components the systems are simply empty forms.

Please call to confirm time and location, as these may change on occasion

Classes in: Internal Martial Arts, Tai Chi Chuan, Ba Gua Zhang, Hsing I Chuan, Pentjak Silat Sera Serak, Chi Gung, Nei Gung, I Liq Chuan, Meditation, Gao Style Ba Gua Zhang, Wu Style Tai Chi and Chen Pan Ling Style Tai Chi.

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Chi Gung Workshop
January 24 & 25

Ba Gua Workshops
Sunday - Upcoming
Meditation Class

Luo De Xiu Workshops
Ba Gua, Hsing I, Tai Chi
August 18 - 27

Sam FS Chin - I Liq Chuan
June 4 & 5 - 2011
November 5 & 6 - 2011

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